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Showcase your projects and work done. It can be any work done for a company, a side project or open source contribution. Your age, location, gender do not matter, skills do

Play Challenges

Play short 60 sec challenges for the jobs you apply for. These are fun quizzes and in no way judge your coding capabilities

Talent Coach

Your talent coach will connect with you for assistance with the job you are interested in or give you feedback on how to better showcase your work

Showcase your Work


You always need a portfolio that shows the quality of your work. Your talent profile allows you to add your previous projects from the Play Store, App Store and Github with smart integrations to take your portfolio to another level.

Challenges & Dev Community

Your talent profile will connect you with other learners, fellow community members and Industry professionals to actively help you in your job search

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Your coach will help you improve your profile and build the confidence to succeed in interviews. Talent Coach is a real-world advocate that listens to both the employer and the candidate to help you navigate the often confusing job search.

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We work with you as a team and not as users on a product

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Your information on the profile and all introductions will always be private, protected and never sold to advertisers


You get access to career coaches a guided job search and application process

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We learn about your priorities, and skills to introduce you to the decision makers at companies directly

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Bhavan Kuchibhotla

Within 2 weeks of creating my stackraft profile, I got pitched to 5 companies and got hired within 7 days of introductions

Amandeep Kaur

Job search is very complicated in today’s time, the personalized approach of StackRaft and guidance of career coach is very novel

Jagdeesh M

I’m a student and wanted to work in a research field, it is very hard to find domain specific opportunities. StackRaft helped me get introductions with companies offering research in data science

Sam T

I applied to a company I was interested to work with and didn’t really hear back. After StackRaft made the recommendation for me, I got selected, tested and hired by them

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