Let’s build diverse teams together!

As a talent partner, you will build a dream community by inviting people that you’ve worked with in the past or have discovered while working in an organization.

Your community members are your professional connections of people who you trust, like and endorse. We’ve designed a program to help amplify the impact when our networks come together to build great teams.

Who partners with StackRaft?

Working professionals, including Professors, Engineering Managers, Product Directors, Independent Consultants, and Senior Developers, work with StackRaft.



Partnering with StackRaft is the fastest way to let individuals and communities build verified professional talent teams. Whether you run your own community, meet-up or work with a large corporate, partnering with StackRaft helps you create new revenue streams and manage your professional network with people who you know closely.

Why partner with StackRaft?

The StackRaft Talent Partnership is designed to help you strengthen your professional connections, earn a passive income, and build your network in the Startup Ecosystem


Whether you’re building a community network or plan to start-up in future, we’re excited to see the team that you’ll build with StackRaft.


Register as a StackRaft Talent Partner

  • Invite your close professional friends by using your personal invite link
  • Set-up a call with a Talent Coach and ask your questions
  • Earn when talent discovered by you gets hired
  • Announce on social media that you pledge to build a great team
  • Get first access to partner updates about new StackRaft features


Be a verified StackRaft Talent Investor

  • Get access to jobs and opportunities that are never listed on job boards
  • Discover StackRaft’s talent directory
  • Earn on recommendations for positions hard to fill
  • Meet the team, other partners, and companies at invite-only corporate events